What is “Consolidation”?

A consolidation request is used to repackage multiple mail items and bundle them together as one shipment/package.

Once you raise a consolidation request, our operator will physically gather all the items you want to be consolidated into a single shipment/package, measure the new total dimensions and weight, place their shipping costs for materials used (boxes or large envelopes), and submit it to the system.

Consolidated items below 13 oz and consisting of all envelopes only can be consolidated and shipped in one go.

Items more than 13 oz and consisting of envelopes and packages combined will have to undergo the process of being consolidated first and then shipped afterward.

You will then receive a new mail item in your inbox tagged as “Ready for Shipment”. That would be the consolidated item and from the you can request for it to be shipped by selecting the item and clicking the “Ship” option.