Do you ship via DHL?

We currently do not work with or offer DHL shipping due to some issues we've had in the past. If you would like your items forwarded via DHL, you would have to provide us with your own DHL shipping label. Here's how to do that:

1) Request your item(s) to be forwarded through your online PostScan Mail account. 

2) When entering your forwarding information, under Shipping Instructions, let us know that you will be sending us a DHL label for that forward request. 

3) Get a label from your DHL account with the same forwarding address as the one you entered on your forwarding request through your online PostScan Mail account. 

4) Email us a copy of that label to one of the following email addresses:     Main Email:     Operations Manager: 

5) We will print out the label you email us and process your forwarding request. 

6) You will be notified via email to contact DHL so that they can pick up your package at our facility.  

Please keep in mind that since you are providing us with a shipping label, there will be a $0.95 handling fee per each item you wish to have forwarded instead of a $0.85 fee if we were to print a shipping label ourselves.

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